Sedona Center of Vedic Cultural project’s Our Mid-Month Message.


Hari bol and Namaste dear friends,

We are surrounded by an ever growing epidemic of chaos, confusion, and strife. It is part of the characteristics of this Age of Kali, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy.

At the same time, there is a surge going on, all over the world, in spirituality and positiveness on the transcendental level. It has been going on some time, and I’ll bet many of you, our readers, are, or are wanting to be part of that spiritual surge.

When the two meet, the spiritual positiveness will difuse and diminish the negative qualities of Kali-yuga, just as the sun when it rises, dispels all darkness.

We all need to take part in something that will truly transform a world that has been abused for decades and centuries.

Unity, beamed by the understanding of spiritual oneness, is the trademark of self-realized souls. That is the aim in the development of the Sedona Center of Vedic Cultural project, to promote in a grand way, that part of Vedic wisdom that can help bring spiritual solutions to alleviate the suffering of this age.

We invite you to make inquiries on how to support this great cause.

Attached below, are a few events left for the month of January, and an interesting 1 minute video clip, illustrating how the chanting of God’s holy names can have a profound effect in cleansing the heart of the human condition.

Also attached are a few clips of very large kirtan sanghas in Russia and the Ukraine.

We hope you are all well.

– Your servants at the Vedic Ranch 




Sadhu Sanga Fest Anapa, Russia 2014 | Jayapataka Swami

Ukraine Festival 2015 Kirtan by Madhava Part 1

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