ATMA:  EXPLORING THE UNIVERSE 1984 Bhaktivedanta Books


HARE KRISHNA to All Prabhu’s and Mataji’s Dandavats and Pranamas.
This ATMA Magazine was one of the first magazines Given to me when I first started attending Brisbane Hare Krishna Temple back in 1984, I have Asked many times Since then to find more Issues of ATMA But to no avail, if any Devotee has any other Issue’s of Atma Magazine I would Be very Pleased to see it, from your fellow servant of the servant plus100 times. bhakta Roger Rodpush. Hare Krishna.

Please Click on the Picture Below V to Read and See Full Atma Magazine, Thank You.

Page 1
Front Page: Page One: 1    ATMA : EXPLORING THE UNIVERSE

Page 2
Page Two:2

Page 3
Page Three: 3

Page Four : 4 and Five : 5     Joined Together

Page Six : 6 and Seven : 7          Joined Together

Page 8.jpg
Page : Eight

Page 9.jpg
Page Nine : 9

Page 10.jpg

Page Ten : 10


Page 11.jpg

Page Eleven : 11

Page 12.jpg

Page Twelve  :12

Page 13.jpg

Page Thirteen : 13



Page Fourteen : 14 and Fithteen : 15        Joined Together


Page 16.jpg

Page Sixteen : 16


Page 17.jpg

Page Seventeen : 17


Page 18.jpg

Page Eighteen : 18


Page 19.jpg

Page Nineteen : 19


Page 20.jpg

Page Twenty : 20


Page 21.jpg

Page Twentyone : 21


Page 22.jpg

Page Twenty Two : 22


Page 23.jpg

Page Twenty Three : 23


Page 24.jpg

Page Twenty Four : 24


Page 25.jpg

Page Twenty Five : 25


Page 26.jpg
Page Twenty Six : 26

Page 27.jpg
Page Twenty Seven : 27

Page 28.jpg

Page Twenty Eight : 28

Page 29.jpg

Page Twenty Nine : 29

Page 30.jpg

Page Thirty : 30

Page 31.jpg

Page Thirty One : 31

Page 32.jpg

Page Thirty Two : 32

Prabhupada chanting Hare Krsna – YouTube
Video for Jagadguru Srila Prabhupada▶ 1:00:05

Hare Krishna.  Prabhu’s And Mataji’s  Please Chant:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare And Be Happy.

Edited and Republished for WORD.COM
for Rodpush – ISKCON at <   >
by bhakta Roger Rodpush of Brisbane, Australia.
email at <   >
My BLOG : Rodpush – Iskcon at WORD.COM
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